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    Submersible / Open Well Motor

    • Inside Metal Surface Protection
    • Extra Lubrication Properties
    • Eco-Friendly non toxic liquid
    • More Power Saving
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    Radiator Coolant

    • Anti-Freeze / Coolant
    • Lubricates and protect water pumps
    • Anti-Corrosive / Anti-Scaling properties
    • OAT Technology
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    Bust the Rust
    The Cool & Protective Technology
    Special Purpose Industrial Cooling Liquid

    • Anti-Corrosive Water Cooling Liquid
    • Synthentic Polymers Based
    • Inside Metal Surface Protection
    • Chiller / Condenser / Cooling Tower / Machine


We are leader in manufacturing Cooling Liquids for various Industries and Segment since 1992. We manufacture SURFACE PROTECTOR for Submersible / Open-well / Self Priming Pump set Industry, Special purpose Industrial Cooling liquid for Heat Transfer in machine's Cooling System (Widely used in Chiller Condenser Water Cooling System) and Automobile Radiator Coolant. This revolutionary world class cooling liquids are results of intense research practice. Acknowledging our provers, we have been awarded National Award for Innovation in Radiator Cooling Technology. Due to our Numero-Uno position in manufacturing Coolant liquid, we have succeeded in expanding our product reach throughout India and beyond boundaries to all major Asian, African, European and Latin American Countries. Apart of our reputed brand, we also deal in OEM Supply (with Customer's Brand Logo).

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Mahir For Pump Industries

This Liquid is Concentrated & dilution ratio is 1:3. Mostly use to fill Submersible / Openwell motor instead of simple tap water. Use at India, Africa, Asia, Gulf, South America etc. where Ice is not falling.

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Radiator coolant

We are leading manufacturer of radiator coolant and antifreeze coolant. We are national award winner innovator for Radiator Coolant Technology. We are having many established brand in all over India ...

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Special Purpose Industrial Cooling Liquid

MAHIR Surface Protector - 1:7 is a Synthetic Plymers based Anti-Corrosive Concentrated water cooling liquid, is widely used in Chiller / Condenser / Cooling Tower / Machine and acts as internal metal..

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